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Real-time Performance
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Visit the Realtime section in the main menu to see your live stream API and SMS campaign performance with extensive statistical data.

You can view all data or the respective tab for streams or campaigns and define your search at each tab by applying filters.

To apply the real-time filters:

  1. Click filters in the top-right.

  2. Select names, statuses, or tags from drop-down lists.

  3. For campaigns, you can also uncheck the boxes at the bottom to exclude finished or suspended campaigns.

  4. Click Save.

You can freeze one or several stream API or campaign panels at the top using the pins and drag&drops panels to re-arrange their order.

The three-dot menus on the right provide additional quick controls for editing and viewing SMS delivery statistics, including cost. In the case of campaigns, you can click Domain List to view data about domains used with the possibility of adding new domains.

Real-Time Streams

You can view details about SMS delivery for a predefined time range or from the start in separate panels per stream.

The three latest streams are shown by default. Click See all below the panels to access the complete dataset.

Real-Time Campaigns

Each campaign panel reflects SMS message delivery and campaign success in various color-coded indicators. Use the expand icon on the right for more details about the following:

  • view number of sent messages, status, and CTR for domains used in the campaign for short or opt-out URLs and

  • view CTR for message variants.

Using the pins, you can freeze one or several campaign panels at the top.

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