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TextPeak Dashboard
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The Dashboard page is the homepage of your TextPeak account. To access the dashboard, click Home in the main menu on the left.

Here you can see the main statistics of your account for the selected period.

Last 24 Hour Statistics Boxes

At the top of the page, you can see the basic statistics for the last 24 hours:

  • Number of active campaigns

  • Number of messages sent

  • Percentage of contacts who clicked on links in the received messages (CTR)

  • Number of contacts who opted out


Outgoing Messages Timeline

This graph shows your campaigns' recent activity timeline. You can switch between the tabs to view the output by the number of messages sent or by the amount you have spent.

In the By message option, the black color displays the total number of messages sent, and the blue color shows how many of them had clicks on links. By hovering over the graph, you will see the exact numbers.

On the right, you can choose the timeframe for the results displayed.

Totals for the selected time period are shown below the graph.


Recent Campaigns

In this section, you can monitor the total message amount, numbers of sent messages and clicks, and see the CTR for your recent active campaigns. The campaigns are sorted by the latest message sent.

By clicking VIEW ALL CAMPAIGNS, you will be redirected to the Campaigns page and will be able to see the statistics for all your campaigns.



In the Domains section, you can see a graph explaining the ratio of your domains by their status. If you hover over the sectors of the graph, you will see how many domains in each status you have.

If you are using the Domain Limit feature, the number of messages you can send per domain is shown below. You will also see how many messages you can still send with the domains you have.

Click VIEW ALL to go to the Domain Management page and view your domains.


Domain Pools

In the Domain Pools section, the graphs show how many messages you have sent and still can send within your domain pools.

Click VIEW ALL to go to the Domain Pools page and view all your domain pools.


Top Destinations

Here you can see the top 5 destination countries by the number of messages sent. On hover, the sectors of the graph will show the exact numbers.

At the top right, you can choose the time period.

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