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SMS Campaigns - Overview
SMS Campaigns - Overview
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Campaigns allow you to send bulk SMS messages to your subscribers. You need to follow several steps to create a campaign and then send it immediately or schedule it for later.

Campaign Management

You can visit Campaigns > Campaign Management in the main menu on the left to create a new SMS campaign and access the table with all your existing ones. In addition to finished, ongoing, and planned campaigns, the list also includes drafts.

Click Create New Campaign and follow the step-by-step guide to add a new campaign from scratch. Alternatively, you can create a draft clone right from the Campaigns table. Locate a campaign in the table and click Duplicate from the three-dot menu on the right to duplicate a campaign.

Scroll between the pages by clicking the navigation links in the bottom right corner.

You can narrow your choice using several filters to find your desired campaign. Set filter values and then click Search. To cancel filtering, click Clear.

Refer to the following table for column explanations about campaign data and controls you can use to manage your campaigns.




A campaign name combines any letters, numbers, or symbols. For example, it can refer to your brand. Below the name, you can see the campaign creation date and time in UTC.

Click on the name to open a side panel with the following tabs:

  • Campaign Details, where you can edit the campaign name and description,

    message variants ratio, sending schedule, pause campaign settings, and CTR indicators for active campaigns

  • Campaign Stats with statistics about campaign cost, click rate, and other data

  • Domains with a list of used domains and the possibility to quickly add a domain

For more details, please take a look at the sections below.



Tags that you applied to the campaign in the first step of its creation


Outbound only or Inbound & outbound


The progress bar shows the number of sent messages against the total amount of contacts in the campaign


Click-through rate percentage for the campaign


Sender ID (name or number)


The total cost of SMS messages sent


Click on the button to pause or resume an ongoing campaign

Click the three-dots menu on the right in the Campaigns table to perform the following:

  • to create segments with contacts that clicked on a link in this campaign (Finished campaigns), select Segment Clickers from the menu

  • to access the campaign creation wizard for the draft or rejected campaigns, select Edit from the menu

  • to remove any campaign from the platform, select Delete

  • to navigate to the Analytics and Insight page for campaigns that have already been started, select Analytics

  • to create a draft clone and duplicate the selected SMS campaign select Duplicate

Campaign Details

To view details of an SMS campaign, click its name on the Campaigns page. Then, navigate to the Details tab in the side panel.

You can modify the following settings for active campaigns.

  1. Campaign name and description.

  2. Message variants ratio.

  3. Sending schedule.

  4. Campaign settings: pause campaign and CTR indicators.

Click the pencil icon on the right. Then enter new data or change the arrangement and click Save.


You can only change the name and description for finished campaigns.

Campaign Stats

To view quick SMS campaign statistics and its cost, click its name and then go to the Stats tab.


You can also view quick stats and cost per message variants for campaigns with several variants. To view it, expand variant details below the general statistics.

Domains Used

To view CTR and the number of sent messages per domain and add more domains to ongoing campaigns, go to the Domains tab in the side panel.

To add more domains, select them from the dropdown list and click Add.

Campaign Statuses

SMS campaigns in TextPeak can have statuses, as shown in the list below. The statuses are displayed in the Campaigns table.

  • Draft - some campaign creation steps haven't been completed

  • Processing - the system is processing the campaign to prepare for its launch

  • Ready

  • Scheduled - the campaign will start on a specific date you chose when creating it

  • Started - the campaign has started

  • Sending - SMS messages are currently being sent

  • Paused - you have manually paused the campaign

  • Sending or paused (with !) - the system has stopped the campaign automatically.
    Hover over the pause button to see why the campaign was suspended.


    This happens when the campaign runs out of domains for short or opt-out URLs because the domains have reached their messaging limit. The system will alert you to add more domains to resume.
    Add more domains and click Resume in Action to start the suspended campaign again.

  • Suspended - the system stops the campaign automatically if CommPeaks detects harmful content or malicious links. The support team will check it manually and select whether to continue or reject the campaign.

  • Aborted - you canceled the campaign

  • Rejected - the system found the campaign contents inappropriate (e.g., abusive or fraudulent)

  • Finished - the system attempted to send SMS to all subscribers

Realtime Performance

The Realtime Performance page shows your live campaign activity with the possibility of filtering by campaign names, statuses, or tags.

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