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Message Templates
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The Templates section contains message templates that you can use in SMS campaigns. Here you can create new templates, edit and delete existing templates, and manage word groups.

Creating a New Message Template

To add a new template:

  1. Go to Campaigns -> Templates and click Create New Template.

  2. In the Template Details section, enter a template name and description.

  3. In the Message Content section, enter the text message that will be sent to your clients.
    The UTF8 indicator will alert you if you use non-Unicode characters. The single SMS limit will decrease to 70 characters.


    It is possible to add up to four variants to conduct A/B testing. To add a variant, click the plus button above the message box.

  4. Below the message box, you can see tags. They are pulled from contact fields and used as variables to enable sending personalized messages.
    For example, you can add the Name tag, and the contact's name will be included in your message.
    To add a tag, you can just place the cursor in the needed place of your message and click on the tag.

  5. You can add an opt-out URL to let the recipient unsubscribe and stop receiving your messages, or a short URL redirecting the recipient to your website.
    Just click on the needed button, and the [optout] or [shorturl] variable will be added to your template. You will be able to add the URL when creating a campaign according to the previously made domain settings.

  6. Add a word group to increase the number of unique messages in your campaign.

    You can add manual or automatic word groups to your message. Words belonging to a word group are randomly selected for each sent message. Your recipients will get unique messages, which will help avoid detecting them as spam.


    Word groups are presented in message templates in curly brackets.

    Below the message box on the left, you will see your message's minimum and maximum length, depending on the words chosen from word groups. On the right, you will see the number of unique messages that can be sent with the word groups used.

    • Manual word group
      To create it, just type text variants in the needed place of your message in curly brackets, separated with a vertical bar. E.g.: {Hello|Hi|Hey}

    • Automatic word group

      If you want to use the same word group in other messages later, you can create an automatic word group as follows:

      1. Click the Auto Word Group button in the message section while creating an SMS campaign.

      2. Select on the the options:

        • Add existing word group to use an existing one and then select it from the drop-down list

        • Add new word group to create a new one by adding a title and word options.

      3. Click Create Group.

    • Check how the recipients will see your message in the mobile phone preview on the right.

  7. Click Save at the top and then Done.
    The newly created template will appear in the list.

The list of templates contains the following columns:




The template’s name.


The template’s description.


Variants of text messages created for the campaign.


The actions that you can apply to the template:

  • Click Edit to enter a side panel where you can modify the name and description of the template or change its text variants

  • Click Delete to remove the template but make sure it is not used in ongoing campaigns

  • Click Copy to duplicate it and then modify it as you wish

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