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Streams API - Overview
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Streams API in the CommPeak SMS platform provides the following SMS routes:

  • marketing routes that you can use for sending promotional messages, product update announcements, reminders, and more

  • transactional routes that usually channel automated texts generated in response to specific customer actions

  • OTP routes that deliver one-time passwords to users

  • two-way routes that allow for communication in both directions

  • WhatsApp routes for interacting with the WhatsApp platform.

You can read more and get advice on choosing the right route type in our Comprehensive Guide.


Marketing SMS Streams API is also available in your CommPeak Portal account.

Getting Started with Streams API

Once you've made your choice, you can start creating your first route using CommPeak Streams API:

  1. Click Streams API in the main menu on the left.

  2. On the page that opens, click Create Streams API.

  3. Choose a stream type.

  4. Depending on your choice, perform the steps described in the dedicated articles:


The Realtime Performance page shows live stream activity with the possibility of filtering by names, statuses, or tags.

Streams API

Click Streams API in the main menu on the left to open the Streams API page. It lists all SMS streams that you have created and their total amount.

To define your search, apply name, status, or tag filters at the top.

Scroll between the pages by clicking the navigation links in the bottom right corner.

The following table contains column explanations.




A stream name combines any letters, numbers, or symbols.

Click on the name to open a side panel with the following tabs:

  • Info - edit stream details and view statistics (all stream types)

  • Settings - change settings for the OTP code and limits for sending messages (OTP)

  • Events - create a new event template (OTP and Transactional)

  • WhatsApp - view settings and templates and update the token (WhatsApp)

  • Webhooks - view webhook data, copy the endpoint and request body (WhatsApp and two-way)

  • Request API - copy API endpoint and request body(all stream types)

For more details, please take a look at the sections below.


  • Ready - the stream is prepared for use

  • Sending - SMS messages are currently being sent

  • Draft - some stream creation steps haven't been completed

  • Disabled - you have manually paused the stream


Tags that you applied to the stream in the first step of its creation


Marketing, Transactional, OTP, Two-way or WhatsApp

Allowed IPs

One or more IP addresses that you allowed to make API calls

Default Sender

Customized or a Sender ID that you added when creating the stream

Last Activity


Click the three dots menu to perform the following actions:

  • Show token - click to copy an API token

  • Test stream API - send a test message

  • Edit stream - modify stream details and settings

  • Reset token - generate a new API token

  • Disable - temporarily deactivate

  • Restrict -

  • Delete - remove from the platform

Streams API Data

A side panel opens on the right after you click the stream name in the table on the Stream API page. It contains the following tabs, each with additional settings depending on the stream type.


To edit stream details and view its statistics, click its name and then go to the Info tab.


Click the pencil icon to modify OTP settings.


Add new event templates for transactional and OTP streams.


Click the pencil icon to update the WhatsApp authentication token.


Copy the endpoint and request body for webhooks you created in two-way or WhatsApp streams.

Request API

Copy the endpoint and request body.

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