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Managing Your Messages
Managing Your Messages
Updated over a week ago

To access your messages from campaigns or streams API, select Messages from the main menu on the left.

Access Campaigns, Streams, or Incoming tabs to view respective messages.

Message Filtering

Use filters at the top to search by specific parameters.

By default, the present day is selected in the Date field. Remove the selected date to show all messages or enter a date range using the interactive calendar.

For messages sent in campaigns, select the needed option(s) in the Clicks dropdown list to display all messages with clicked Short or Opt-out URLs in specific campaigns.

Enter or select the necessary values in the filter fields and click Search. To cancel filtering, click Clear.

The total number of messages that satisfy selected filters is shown above each list.

Quick Send

Click Send New Message in the top-right corner to generate a new SMS via one of your streams API.

Select a stream and a sender ID in the dropdown lists, enter the subscriber's phone number and message content, and click Send Message.


If you haven't created any stream yet, no item will be available in the Stream API dropdown list.

Downloading Messages

You can download your messages as a CSV file. To download messages, select them, click Export selected above the table, and save the file. If preparing a file takes longer than 5 sec, a file ready for download will appear in Tasks.

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