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Getting Started with TextPeak
Getting Started with TextPeak
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With CommPeak SMS platform (TextPeak), you can quickly send bulk SMS campaigns by completing a step-by-step creation wizard. The campaigns are based on contact lists that you can create from CSV or Excel files and custom message templates with up to four text variants.

The platform allows you to add multiple sender IDs, set the sending schedule, view click rate and opted-out contacts statistics, and provides other features.

CommPeak SMS platform operates directly from your browser. You will receive credentials and a login link to access the platform.


Before starting with TextPeak, please ensure you have created and verified a CommPeak account.

Complete the following steps to start sending bulk SMS messages with CommPeak SMS platform:

  1. Submit a respective request to our support. A sales team representative will reach out to you to discuss your business needs and help you choose the best solution.

  2. Once your environment is set up, you will get your credentials and a login link.

  3. Log in to the CommPeak SMS platform using your credentials:

Account Owners

The account owners can log in to TextPeak from their CommPeak Portal accounts. Select SMS > SMS Platform in the main menu, then click Login to Textpeak.


If you wish to log in to TextPeak from your CommPeak Portal account, you must activate the SMS service described in the SMS Service - Getting Started article.

After your first login, you will see a welcome screen. Your SMS account balance is displayed in the top right corner.

You can go ahead and create your first campaign.
To start an SMS campaign, complete the following steps:

TextPeak Team Members

TextPeak team members receive email invitations to join the platform.

Clicks CONFIRM and complete your registration.

After you click Register, a popup screen welcomes you to the CommPeak SMS platform. You can perform your tasks according to your role.

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