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Your First Step: Creating a CommPeak Account
Your First Step: Creating a CommPeak Account
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To start using services provided by CommPeak, you need to do the following:

  1. Sign up for an account at CommPeak Portal by following the steps below in this article.

  2. Modify‍ your default SIP account and create more SIP accounts

  3. Configure‍ your SIP account in a softphone application or an IP phone

To register an account at CommPeak Portal:

  1. Open the CommPeak home page and click START FREE TRIAL in the upper right or the bottom left.

  2. Fill in all the fields in the registration form. Then confirm that you are not a robot and click CREATE ACCOUNT.

  3. Your account has been created, and now you need to activate it. You will get an email with an activation link. Click Activate my account to proceed.​

  4. Then click PHONE VERIFICATION for the system to verify your phone number.

  5. The system will use the phone number you provided during registration, however you can modify it. Once you've checked that the phone number is correct, click REQUEST CODE.


    You will receive a phone call from the system reading out a four-digit verification code.

  6. Enter the received verification code in the form and click VERIFY NOW.

  7. You will see a confirmation message and receive the respective email.


Now, you can use your free trial: make one successful call or send an SMS using the trial credit provided.


Your CommPeak account is protected with two-factor authentication. Check this article to see how it works.

We have also created one SIP account‍ for you, and you need to create a permanent password. You can add more SIP accounts if needed.


To start making calls, use your SIP account credentials and configure your account in a softphone application‍‍ or your IP phone.

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