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SMS Service - Getting Started
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CommPeak offers a variety of services that you can use to send SMS messages depending on your needs. There are three basic options for how you can deal with SMS, all easily accessible from your CommPeak Portal account.

SMS Service Activation

You can start using any SMS services from CommPeak after your phone has been verified.

Please complete the following steps:

  1. Choose your account currency - USD or Euro. It will be used in SMS rates and billing. To select the currency:

    1. Click SMS in the main menu.

    2. In the pop-up window, click the currency sign to select it.

    3. Click Submit.

  2. Activate the SMS service. To do this:

    1. Click SMS in the main menu again.

    2. Click ACTIVATE in the pop-up window.

SMS Billing

Shortly after you activate SMS services, your SMS balance will appear in your account at the top right, next to the voice balance.


You can use your free trial to test the services and send your first message with any SMS option.

In your CommPeak account, your voice and SMS balance should be topped up and used independently.


TextPeak is a tool that allows you to send SMS campaigns and has a wide range of customization options.
To access it, expand SMS in the main menu and select SMS Platform. On the page that opens, click Login to TextPeak.

If you have been using the previous version of the SMS service, you need first to activate the platform. After this, Streams API will also become available.

In the Getting Started with TextPeak article, you will learn what you need to do to launch your first SMS campaign.

Streams API

Use our API to send single and multiple SMS messages from any platform and monitor their status.

On the SMS Platform page under SMS, you can create a number of API streams to send SMS messages.

Read about the basic Streams feature here.

TextPeak platform provides transactional and OTP routes in addition to marketing ones. Read about Streams API in TextPeak here.

SMPP Channels

You can use up to 10 password-protected SMS SMPP channels for various purposes.

Under SMS in your main menu, go to SMS SMPP Channels.

For more information about this option, refer to this article.

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