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Groups Management
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User groups functionality is one of the intelligence instruments in the CommPeak Dialer that contain logical rules and filters. Here you can manage the call-assigning routine and direct specific groups of leads to suitable agent desks based on priority, language, expertise, shift, and other criteria.

User groups connect leads with agents. On the one hand, they contain logical rules that set lead filtering. On the other hand, priority groups define which agents with relevant skills will call the leads.

You can manage groups on the Groups Management page. Go to Users and select Groups Management to open the page.


CommPeak support team can help you with configuring groups according to your preferences.

You can use the quick search option to find groups by keyword(s) in the group name, description, or campaign. The groups that don't have the keyword(s) will be removed from the view.

There are the following columns on the User Groups page:

  • ID - unique group ID in the system

  • Name - group name which, in short, displays its purpose

  • Description - additional information about the group

  • Campaigns - this column shows campaigns assigned to the group in filters

  • Filter - this column contains a summary of filters

  • Actions- this column provides access to editing the group, setting priority groups, etc.

Click the Edit button in the Actions column to edit a user group. On the page that opens, you can modify parameters and filter groups. When you're done, you can click Save at the bottom of the page.

Click Test lead assignment in the upper-right corner of the User Groups page to check which user groups can call a campaign lead. Refer this article for more explanations.

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