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CRM Integration vs Uploading Lead Files
CRM Integration vs Uploading Lead Files
Updated over a week ago

The primary purpose of the CommPeak Dialer is integration with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems with which it works best and demonstrates its full potential. The majority of CRMs, including Salesforce, Pipedrive, Leverate, Panda, Tradesoft, FX Back Office, Zoho, and others, can operate with the Dialer. In-house integrations are also possible.

Although it is easy to upload leads via CSV files, the Dialer will miss the information that only a live CRM system can supply, e.g., registration time or any other data for assigning priorities to the leads.

CRM integration opens better options to you, and your call center's effectiveness improves significantly. Please consider the following benefits.

  1. Proper handling of leads, synchronization with various CRM fields when importing leads to dialing campaigns, and immediate priority assignment to leads based on the data from prospective customer profiles that the CRM owner chooses to share with the Dialer:

    • removing test leads

    • preventing leads who already made a deposit from entering the campaign or otherwise building retention campaigns with such leads

    • boosting priority for online leads: if the lead was registered or logged in within the last 5 minutes, the system will boost their priority and then gradually decrease it over time

    • increasing priority for leads who tried to make a deposit or based on any other condition from the CRM

    • prioritizing all new leads depending on their registration time.

  2. Flexibility in matching CRM statuses with the Dialer status fields in complete cooperation with the client and in accordance with their call center logic:

    • if the lead enters the Dialer with a specific status from the CRM, this will trigger the rule for that status

    • the client is also free not to choose this option, and every lead will enter the Dialer with the new lead status.

  3. Depending on client preferences, filter groups can use data from CRM fields to set calling rules, e.g., purchase date and site, affiliate, or other.

  4. Immediate recognition of duplicate leads and various ways of handling them.

  5. No limitation on the number of leads, while lead files can upload no more than 50,000 leads per file. Bigger files will slow down the performance of the Dialer.

As mentioned above, the CommPeak Dialer was designed for CRM integration. It can use any CRM field value you choose to share with us to prioritize calling leads from specific affiliates, countries, etc. In the same way, it can block specific leads as well if you decide so.

The highly dynamic logic of the CommPeak Dialer will let you handle your leads with ease. Want to find out how or need more information? Request a demo.

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