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Custom Lead Fields
Updated over a week ago

You can add new fields in the CommPeak Dialer for filtering and matching purposes. Upon creation, these custom fields are accessible in lead searches, field mappings, campaign or group filters, and other sections.


You can use the custom fields for reporting purposes only. They cannot be used for calling purposes, e.g., as filters in user groups.

To create a new custom field:

  1. Go to Settings > Advanced Leads Settings. The Custom Lead Fields section will open.

  2. Click Create New Lead Field.

  3. Fill in the form:

    • Name: Enter the field name. No spaces are allowed; use the underscore character instead, e.g., company_name!

    • Description: Enter the field name using onscreen tips.

    • Type: Select text or date from the drop-down list.

  4. Click Create.

After you've added new fields, see some examples where you can use them:

  • In Lead Search. Click Advanced Search. You will access the expanded view, including your custom fields.

  • In User Roles. Click Users > User Management, then switch to the Roles tab, open a role for editing, e.g., Admin, and scroll down to View Columns.

  • In Call Page Fields. Click Settings > General Settings, scroll down to the Call Page Fields section, and click Add New Field. After you add custom fields, they will be visible to agents on the call page.


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