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Basic Pages a Manager Should Know
Basic Pages a Manager Should Know
Updated over a week ago

A manager’s role within Dialer grants you access to a number of features. We have made an overview of those pages that are highly recommended to check in your Dialer workspace if you are a manager.


Dashboard is your home page. Learn how to customize it from this article.

Administrator users can view their voice and SMS balances in their CommPeak account in the top right of their dashboard.


This page shows predictive real-time statistics on users (agents that are working and making calls) as well as all types of calls. Please look at the article about Predictive Realtime Stats for more information.

Group Leads Simulator

This feature lets you test group filters and see how many available leads this group can fetch and call.

Please check this article‍ to learn more about its functionality.

Call Records List

This page lets you find any calls that were made or received in Dialer. To go there, click Reports in the top menu and select Call Records List.

On the Call Records List page, you can see different parameters that let you get the most precise search result. For example, if you wish to find calls to a specific phone number, insert the number in the Destination field, click Search and view the calls in the following table:

If no search parameters are specified, the system will show only the last 300 calls.

After you get the results, it is possible to download them to your device as a CSV or Excel file. To do so, click Export To and then select CSV or Excel. More information on the Call Records List report can be found here.

Lead Search

This page lets you filter and find leads based on different parameters. To navigate to it, click Workspace > Contacts in the main menu and go to the Leads Search tab. More information on this topic is available in the Lead Search article.

Call Analytics

This page shows reports for any time frame or call value. You can receive these reports by setting a variety of filters. It is possible to reach it the following way: click Reports in the top menu and select Call Analytics.

  • The first section here is Templates. It lets you apply any previously saved search template, save a new template, or create a scheduled report.

  • In the Period section, define dates for the analytics that you need to find or choose any bookmarks. You can select the exact year, month, day, hour, minute, and day of the week — it will provide you with a more detailed report and let you check very specific data.

  • The Group section lets you add one or more groups to display statistics for them.

  • In the Columns section, select those columns that you want to see in the stats you get.

Also, it is possible to search by values like Type, Status, Duration, Campaign, User Group, Agent, Country, Timezone, Lead File, etc.

  • Besides that, you can search stats by custom lead fields and add as many of them as you need.

After search filters are applied, you can see detailed stats in the table. Above the table, results for the total number of lines, calls, and successful calls are displayed.

If you would like to learn more about the usage of this report, you can check the article about call analytics and contact your Dialer manager.

Campaign Rules

The Rules page lets you view the set of rules applied within the selected campaign.

You can reach it by selecting Leads & Campaigns in the top menu > Campaigns > Expand All. On the right of any campaign, select Frequent >Rules.

If you want to apply any changes here, please contact your Dialer manager. This article will help you understand campaign rules based on several rule examples.

Campaign Editing

This feature lets you edit available campaigns: general information about the campaign, feedback page settings, agent permanent lead assignment settings, and call hours. Please check the Guide to Campaign Parameters‍ for more information.

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