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Testing Lead Assignment
Updated over a week ago

When configuring filter groups, it is recommended that you ensure that only one user group calls a specific lead.

You can check which user groups can call a campaign lead (test lead assignment) in Users -> Groups Management.


If a lead is assigned to an agent, the scheduled meeting will happen on the assigned callback date and time, regardless of the simulation result.

To test lead assignment:

  1. Go to the Groups Management page and click Test lead assignment.

  2. Select which parameter (lead ID, campaign lead ID, original identifier, or phone normalized) you wish to use to identify the lead and enter the parameter value.

  3. After you click Run, a field will appear showing the group (or several groups) that can call the entered lead.

    You can click the expand button opposite a group name to view group filters relevant to the lead.


If the result shows more than one group, only one of them will take the lead. It is impossible to determine which group will take it as it depends on several factors like the number of agents, working hours, etc.

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