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User Group Parameters
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To edit a user group, go to Users and select Groups Management. Then click the Edit button in the Actions column for the group you wish to change. On the page that opens, you can modify basic parameters, filter groups, and predictive settings.

Several sections show parameters on the editing page as you scroll down from top to bottom.

Basic Parameters

In the main section at the top of the page, enter a group name and provide additional information about the group in the description. Leave the rest of the settings as they are.

Filter Groups

Filter groups are essential for user groups and indicate which lead each skill group will call. The CommPeak support team can help you configure the filters. For more details about filter groups, please refer to this articleโ€.

Predictive Settings

Predictive settings relate to predictive dialing.



Predictive Type

The CommPeak support team sets this.

Sorting Method

The CommPeak support team sets this.

Upload a prebridge greeting playback file

You can upload an audio file to play to leads before an agent enters the call.

Show feedback page after permanent assignment failed call

This setting aims to let the agent choose a new time for the call or add additional comments if a scheduled meeting call fails.

Dial to Ratio Permanent Assigned Leads as No Ratio

This setting is not used.

Show preview of lead when dialing to Direct Dial leads

This setting will allow an agent to preview the lead information before calling a permanently assigned lead.

Allow start dialing in the background while in feedback

Select this option to allow the system to call the leads while the agent is still in feedback.

AMD Type

Answering Machine Detection (AMD) is an optional free feature that enables automatic detection of voicemail. It allows recognition of about 85% of all machine answer cases.
Please get in touch with your account manager, and open a support ticket to enable this feature.

AMD/BEEP Max Duration

Please get in touch with your account manager or open a support ticket for more information.

Predictive Outbound IVR

Predictive Outbound IVR (interactive voice response) allows configuring a voice menu with an interactive message that reaches the lead. Playback will start after the lead answers before the call is bridged to an available agent.

Please contact your account manager or open a support ticket to enable this feature.

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