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All leads imported from the CRM or uploaded with lead files are assigned to campaigns. The CommPeak support team can help you import leads and create campaigns according to your requirements.

Campaigns are virtual boxes consisting of logical rules. Unlike rules in groups used for filtering leads from campaigns, the rules in the campaign section define calling behavior: which agent should call a lead and what happens after a call.

You can manage campaigns and campaign groups using the Campaigns section under Leads & Campaigns.

Viewing Campaigns

To view active campaigns:

  1. Expand Leads & Campaigns in the main menu and click Campaigns.

  2. Stay on the Campaigns tab to view active campaigns, or switch to the All Campaigns tab to see all campaigns, including the disabled ones.
    The campaigns are displayed in groups.

  3. You can click Expand All to view all groups. Or you can click + to expand a specific group. On the displayed page, the campaigns are organized into a table. It has several columns with parameters and buttons that provide access to actions.




Each campaign has a unique ID that the system assigns to it.


This is a campaign name to identify it quickly.


This column indicates whether campaigns are active (green circle) or disabled (red circle).

Leads Count

This column shows how many leads are assigned to a given campaign.

Currently Available Leads

These are all leads in the campaign available for dialing (not frozen, blacklisted, or out of calling hours, etc.)


This column shows all statuses in a specific campaign by their colors and the number of leads per status.


There are Frequent and Rare buttons that provide access to actions with campaigns.

Campaign Groups

You can create campaign groups if you have a lot of campaigns for several brands at the same tenant, different products, etc.

To create a campaign group:

  1. Navigate to Leads & Campaigns -> Campaigns and switch to Campaign Groups. Then click New at the top right of the page.
    Alternatively, you can click on the Create New Campaign Group button on the Campaigns page.

  2. Enter the group name and description.

  3. Click the campaign name in the Available box to add it to the group. To quickly find a group, you can enter its title in the Filter field.

  4. Add as many campaigns as you wish. Then click Create.


  • A campaign can belong to one group only.

  • There is a group called Campaigns without a group. It contains campaigns that don't belong to any group.

Editing Campaign Parameters

Please take a look at a separate article.

Understanding Campaign Rules

Rules in campaigns define how to process the leads once they enter the campaign, depending on their weight and the status they get after the call.

Please see the Understanding Campaign Rules article for a detailed explanation of rules with examples.

Stats by Leads

You can load quick data about the campaign leads. Click Frequent >Stats by leads. For more detailed data, go to Reports.

Campaign Agents

You can check if filters work correctly and which agents can call leads from a campaign.

To check which agents can call leads within a campaign:

  1. Go to the Campaigns menu and click Active Campaigns.

  2. Click Expand All.

  3. Find the needed campaign, go to the Actions, and select Users List from Frequent.

This can help if a particular agent or group of agents receive no calls.

Manager Hashtags

Please view a separate article to learn how to create manager hashtags for specific campaigns that agents can apply during calls to keep track of such calls.

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