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Agent calling only old or personal leads: how to check and resolve the issue
Agent calling only old or personal leads: how to check and resolve the issue
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Working with the Dialer, you can sometimes face a situation when an agent complains that all the leads they are calling are old, or when an agent calls only leads from their personal callback list.

This situation has a negative effect on both the agent and the company. On the one hand, the agent gains excessive control over the lead database and gets a lot of leads in private access. On the other hand, the agent drops out of calling the hottest leads because personal assignments always have the highest weight for the Dialer and will be called in the first place.

It can have two reasons:

  • The agent sets the status corresponding to a personal meeting by mistake. If the lead he is calling is not high-priority and just needs to be called back later, a status for a general meeting should be assigned.
    In this case, the system will dial the lead at the scheduled time but connect them with any available agent.
    Personal meetings should be scheduled for the highest-priority leads only.


Hereafter, we will call the status that corresponds to a personal meeting assigned to a specific agent "the Personal Meeting status", but it can have a different name in your system.

  • The agent makes a lot of personal appointments on purpose, assuming to gain benefits in case these leads make a deposit on their own in the future.

How can a manager discover if an agent assigns leads in the wrong way?

Check how many personal assignments each agent has:

Option 1

  1. Go to the scheduled calls list (Workspace > Contacts).

  2. Set filters: select а campaign, the status corresponding to personal meetings, and user desks assigned to your team.
    The list of agents with personal assignments will be displayed. By sorting it by agent, you will easily see how many personal appointments each agent has and who has many more leads assigned.

Option 2

  1. Go to Reports > Agents Performance > Agents Scheduled Calls Stats.

  2. In filters, select users or groups and skill groups and click Show.
    The Total column will display the number of personal meetings assigned to each agent in the group.

Now you can investigate the cases of agents having more leads assigned compared to others:

Option 1

On the Scheduled Calls page, you can see the last comment about each lead or change the Call After time.
Click Choose Action in the Actions column and see all the comments and history of the lead.

Option 2

In the Agents Scheduled Calls Stats report, click the number of personal assignments in Total. You will be redirected to the Campaign Lead Search Results page for this agent, where you can view more information about leads assigned and their call-back time.
In Select action, you can access comments or lead history as well.

What to do to solve the lead assigning issue or prevent it in the future?

1. Unassign leads

If, after investigation, you find an issue with the Personal Meetings status, you can unassign leads in the Future Call-Backs list.

  1. Go to Workspace > Contacts.

  2. Find the lead in list of scheduled calls.

  3. Click Choose Action. Then click Unassign.

You can find out more about Scheduled Calls by Agents.

2. Set personal assignment limit

In campaigns, you change permanent assignment parameters to set the maximum number of leads the agents can assign to themselves:

  1. Go to Leads & Campaigns > Campaigns.

  2. Find your campaign.

  3. Go to the Actions column and click Edit under Frequent.

  4. Scroll down to agent permanent lead assignment settings and set limits:

    • Permanent assignment 12-hours limit per agent - the number of leads the agents can assign to themselves within any given shift. We recommend a number at most 50.

    • Permanent assignment total limit per agent - the number of leads the agents can assign to themselves in total. We recommend a number at most 150.

  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

For the permanent assignment parameter explanation, please take a look at the Guide to Campaign Parameters.

3. Edit settings for the personal meeting status

You can limit the time range within which agents can set a callback.

Also, personal assignments should be made possible for one status only.

Finally, it can be made mandatory for agents to comment on the feedback page (if they set the personal meeting status) and specify the callback time.

  1. Go to Leads & Campaigns > Campaigns.

  2. Find your campaign.

  3. Go to the Actions column and click Lead Statuses under Frequent.

  4. On the Lead Statuses page, make sure that the Affects Permanent Assignment column is marked with Yes for the Personal Meeting lead status only.

  5. On the line for the Personal Meeting status, click Edit.

  6. In the Edit window, modify the following fields:

    • Max Call After Days - enter the number of days to make sure that the agents set meetings not too far away in the future

    • in the Required fields for feedback submission, add comment and call_after

  7. Click Save.

4. Edit lead status workflow

It is possible to limit the minimum conversation time after which the Personal Meeting status will become visible to agents. Please contact your account manager for assistance.

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