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Analytics and Insights
Analytics and Insights
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The Analytics & Insights tab of Campaigns lets you view statistics on selected campaigns.

Alternatively, you can open Analytics and Insights right from the Campaigns table. To view analytics, navigate to Campaigns in the main menu, locate a campaign in the table, and click Analytics from the three-dot menu on the right side of the row.

If you haven’t chosen any campaign, you will see a block with information on the recent campaign: campaign name, recipient list name, start date, and status. Click View Details to open the side panel with general statistics and data for each text variant.

To start, you must select up to 3 campaigns in the Choose Campaign drop-down menu to show the relevant information below.

The page loads cards with short information about chosen campaigns. Click View Details to load more data.


The Click rate statistics block below shows the analytical data about the whole campaign. Toggle the Show Variants slider to break it by message variants.

Hover over the charts to view additional information about the sent messages, clicked links, and opted-out contacts.


The following section, Average time to open the message, shows statistics on when the messages were sent and the average duration between delivering a message and opening a link. Each line in the chart represents a campaign.

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