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Domain Management
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On the Domain Management tab of Domains & URLs, you can manage custom domains you will use in links in your SMS campaigns.

Adding a New Domain

To add custom domains for your SMS messages:

  1. Purchase domain names from any domain provider.

  2. In TextPeak, go to Domains & URLs -> Domain Management and click Add Custom Domain.

  3. In the pop-up window that opens, enter as many previously purchased domains as you wish and click Add.

  4. A new pop-up window will open. Copy the IP address.

  5. In your account at the domain name provider, assign the previously copied IP address to your domains as shown in the example from one of the domain providers.
    The new domain(s) will be added to the list with the PENDING status.


An unused domain will be archived automatically after 90 days of inactivity.

The domain status will change as you configure it. The table below explains domain statuses.

Domain Statuses




The domain has been added but has yet to be mapped to CommPeak's IP address.

You will be able to use a domain to create a campaign once its status changes to Configured.


We recognize that the vendors block messages with this specific domain.


The domain was recognized by the system as malicious and needs to be checked by CommPeak support.


The domain has been mapped to CommPeak's IP address and approved for use in campaigns.

All the domains with this status have an SSL certificate.


If the domain has not been used for 90 days, its status changes to Archived automatically.
You can also archive a domain manually.

Reached Limit

The domain has reached the global messaging limit.

When you have configured custom domains, you can use them for link URLs when creating an SMS campaign.

Setting Global Domain Limit

You can set the messaging limit per domain that will be applied to all your domains.

After the system has reached the limit for sending messages via a specific domain, it will disable it by applying the Reached Limit status and will switch to using the next available domain in the campaign.


If all domains in a campaign, either added in a pool or manually, have reached their messaging limit, the campaign will run out of domains for short or opt-out URLs. The system will set the status of such campaigns to Suspended until you add more domains and resume the campaign.

To set or edit the global domain limit:

  1. In the Domains & URLs section of the main menu, go to the Domain Management tab and click Set global domain limit.

  2. Enter the limit and click Save.


Actions With Domains

You can apply various actions to one or more domains. To manage your domains, select the checkboxes on the required lines and then choose from the actions above the table.

  • Click Archive to archive a configured domain if you don't want to use it in campaigns anymore. However, it can be activated again using the Restore action.

  • Click Add to pool and then in the window that pops up, you can add the domain to an existing domain pool.

  • Click Restore for your archived domain that reached the message limit to re-activate it.
    Note that for domains with the Reached Limit status, restoring is possible after the domain limit is increased.

  • Click Delete to remove the domain from the platform.

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