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API Management
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In Settings > API Management, you can:

API Users

Follow these steps to create API users to access the CommPeak Dialer API.

  1. Navigate to API Management in Settings.

  2. Click Create New API User.

  3. Enter data for the new user and configure settings as needed:

    • Username: Authorized individuals will use this username to authenticate and access the Dialer API. You will be able to generate a password in the next step.

    • Realm: This option is pre-set and should remain as api.

    • API User IP ACL: IMPORTANT! You must enter one or more IP addresses from which the user will make API calls. Use the provided example for IP formats.

    • Mask Phone Number: Select the checkbox to mask phone numbers for the user to limit their access to phone number data according to the main settings.

    • HLR Lookup: Choose this option to enable the HLR lookup when the user runs POST requests to add leads to the Dialer.

    • Activate the user by selecting the Active? option.

  4. Click Create.

  5. Reset the user's password. Then, copy the new password that will appear at the top of the page for a few seconds.

To modify settings for existing users, click the Edit icon in Actions for the user you wish to change. To remove a user, click Delete.

API Documentation

The API Documentation tab in Settings > API Management provides CommPeak Dialer API documentation access. You can explore the methods available for each request and conveniently execute them directly from the web page.

Click Authorize and then enter user credentials to run test requests from the web page.

API Logs

You can monitor API usage and performance in the API Logs tab in Settings > API Management. Run the search filters at the top of the table to find needed records using the date, username, and other filter parameters. Then, you can view the records on the screen or export them as a file.

Lead Statuses API Mapping

In the Lead Statuses API Mapping tab of API Management, you can connect the statuses of your CRM with those you have created in the Dialer. This way, you can make a pipeline connecting the Dialer and the CRM. Then, the statuses become available for mapping in the remote adapter.

To add a status mapping:

  1. Click New at the top-right corner.

  2. Enter the status code and description. It is best to name it after the status to which it will be mapped.

  3. Click Create.

To modify or remove a mapping, navigate to it and use the controls in the Actions column.

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