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Group Leads Simulator
Updated over a week ago

The simulator lets you test group filters and see how many available leads this group can call.

To test group filters:

  1. In the main menu, click Users > Groups Management and go to the Group Leads Simulator tab.

  2. Select a group you would like to test from the User Group drop-down list. Set the number of leads to fetch using the Limit slider. It is recommended to set no more than 100 leads.

  3. Click Get Leads. The system will display the leads below.

  4. Click Edit Filter to edit group filters right on the simulator page. After you've made changes, click Get Leads again. If the fetched results satisfy you, click Apply filter to group:

The leads on the page belong to several sections:

  • Available Leads - the available leads are the leads that are currently in the calling queue. Agents can clock in within an hour and start calling these leads.

  • No Ratio Leads - the leads permanently assigned to an agent waiting for those leads to pick up the phone (leads with a ratio of 1:1).

  • Unavailable Leads - the leads not belonging to the calling queue for reasons stated in the Reasons column, e.g., call hours mismatch or error lead. If the reason is empty, it may be because the country is blocked, the number of allowed calls is exceeded, or the leads don't fit the group filters.


When agents clock in and receive calls, you can enter the group fetch simulator from the Predictive Realtime page. Find a group in the table at the top of the page and click Simulator in the Actions column.

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