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Using My Lookups and Results
Using My Lookups and Results
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My Lookups

You can view lookups made in the recent 30 days on the My Lookups tab. To display the lookups, expand Lookup in the left pane and click My Lookups.


Also, you can see statistics on the total number checked, the number of mobile and unknown format numbers, and the total cost. To receive the most accurate results, apply search filters.


The table with your lookups contains the following columns:

Column Name



Click the name of the lookup list to move to the Results tab and view its results


The time when you have submitted the lookup


Amount of numbers within the selected lookup


The status of the uploaded file

Invalid Numbers

Numbers defined as invalid (unknown format)

Lookup Type

It can be the validation tool or the full HLR lookup


The actions are Export and Delete. You can apply them to any selected lookup in the table. If you want to apply these actions to multiple lookups, select them in the list and click Export selected or Delete selected above the table. Please note that canceled lookups cannot be exported.


The Results tab displays the results of submissions you have previously made. To display the lookups, expand Lookup in the left pane and click Results.


You can apply search filters and view lookup statistics.


Refer to the following table for column explanations:

Column Name



The inspected phone number


Displays a list name used for a bulk request or phone number for a single number lookup

Check Type

  • hlr - full lookup

  • validation - validation only


Date and time of the check in UTC


The country of origin of the inspected phone number


Phone number types:

  • Fixed Line

  • Mobile

  • Fixed Line or Mobile - in some regions (e.g., the USA), it is impossible to distinguish between fixed-line and mobile numbers by looking at the phone number itself

  • Toll-Free

  • Premium Rate

  • Shared Cost - the cost of this call is shared between the caller and the recipient and is hence typically less than premium rate calls

  • VOIP- Voice over IP numbers, including TSoIP (Telephony Service over IP)

  • Personal Number - a personal number is associated with a particular person and may be routed to either a mobile or fixed-line number

  • Pager

  • UAN - Universal Access Number (sometimes referred to as 'Company Number'); such numbers may be further routed to specific offices

  • Voicemail - Voice Mail Access Number

  • Unknown - the phone number does not fit any of the known patterns for a specific region


Indicates whether the phone number is valid


Contains additional information for HLR statuses other than Active

HLR Status

Possible statuses are as follows. You can find more information in the Reason column.

  • Active - the number is reachable.

  • Absent - the number is not reachable; this can be due to a loss in connection or the phone being switched off

  • Unknown - we were unable to retrieve a conclusive status for the number; this can be because the number itself is not reachable or the operator does not provide data

  • unsupported request - the searched number is not a valid mobile number

Network Name

The network of the inspected phone number


The mobile MCC number (Mobile Country Code)


The mobile MNC number (Mobile Network Code)


Phone number in E.164 format, e.g., 441134960831


Phone number in the national format, e.g., 01134 960831


Phone number in the international format, e.g., +44 1134 960831


Indicates whether the mobile phone number is ported from another network


Specifies if the mobile phone number is in roaming

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