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Click2Call - Getting Started
Click2Call - Getting Started
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What is Click2Call?

Click2Call is a VoIP API integration (HTTP GET Request).
Click2Call uses a hyperlink that initiates a phone call.

Click2Call request issues a command to call the agent that is registered to the PBX, and once answered, it issues an outbound call to the lead.

How to set up Click2Call?

Send a request to your account manager or to CommPeak support with information about your CRM vendor and PBX domain that you wish to activate the API for.
The CommPeak team will give you a unique Click2Call URL. For example:$leg_a/$leg_b/$prefix




Unique CRM vendor ID (Static - provided by CommPeak)


Unique Click2Call ID that we give to a client (Static - provided by CommPeak)


PBX agent ID number (Dynamic)


Lead’s phone number (Dynamic)


PBX outbound calls prefix (default prefix is ‘00’) (Dynamic)

You need to use all the parameters above to send correct Click2Call requests to CommPeak PBX and initiate outgoing calls.

As a part of the Click2Call API integration, you need to whitelist the CRM IP (or any IP where the requests will come from). Refer here to learn how to whitelist your IPs for Click2Call.


In some cases, you also need to whitelist the PBX IP and C2C server on the CRM side.

Click2Call can be activated as a Chrome extension if you don’t use a CRM. Check out the CommPeak Click2Call Extension‍ article to learn more about its installation and configuration.

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