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What is DID verification? How do I verify my external Caller IDs?
What is DID verification? How do I verify my external Caller IDs?
Updated over a week ago

Sometimes, you may want to make calls while using a DID number you own outside of CommPeak as your Caller ID for outgoing calls.

To allow this, we require that you verify the possession of the DID you want to add.

This verification can easily be done from your CommPeak Portal account.

To verify your DID number, do as follows:

  1. Expand VoIP Services in the left pane and go to the Allowed Caller IDs tab.

  2. Click on the plus button next to the number of allowed caller IDs. The verification window will open.

  3. In the window, choose the country code for the number to be verified.

  4. Enter the number you wish to verify.

  5. Optionally, under Advanced, select the caller ID for this incoming call.

  6. Click MAKE THE CALL. You will receive an incoming call to the number you have entered.

  7. Answer the call and in the next window, input the code that the system gives.
    In case you didn't receive a call, make sure your number is configured to receive incoming calls and click the "I didn't receive a call" link to restart the process.



You can also reach the DID verification window from SETUP-> Dynamic Caller ID tab. You will find the needed link in the center of the page.

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