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Allowed Caller IDs
Updated over a week ago

On the Allowed Caller IDs page, you can see the list of your caller IDs verified for outgoing calls. It also offers a self-service for verifying the DIDs you have purchased outside CommPeak and want to use for outgoing calls.


Trial users can have only one allowed Caller ID and no possibility to verify additional ones. To add more, top up your account.


To access the page, in CommPeak Portal, expand VoIP Services in the left pane and select the Allowed Caller IDs tab.

You will see the number of allowed caller IDs you have in the box at the top. To add more, click the plus button next to the box and start your External DID verification. Learn more about the External DID verification process here‍.

Here you can also check if your number has been verified. Just enter it in the search box and click SEARCH.

Below, there is a table displaying details about your verified DID numbers.




Caller ID number

Caller ID Type

Two options are available:

  • CommPeak DID - for DIDs bought from CommPeak

  • External DID - for DIDs verified via a phone call or other means

Added By

The email address of the account user who added the number.

"System" shows that a CommPeak employee has added the DID for you.

Added Date

The time and date when this number was added to the list

Last Verified

The last time this number got a positive response from our verification call bot


Click the trash icon to remove the number from the list.

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