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Why You Need Call Forwarding to VoiceMail
Why You Need Call Forwarding to VoiceMail
Updated over a week ago

CommPeak’s policy requires setting the call forwarding (failover) to the VoiceMail for all numbers that are used in our services.

The VoiceMail gives you a range of advantages:

  • Delivering messages in an alternative way
    If the call is not answered, the message will be sent to you anyway.

  • Getting an audio file directly to your VoiceMail
    You receive a message to your VoiceMail right from your PBX with an attached audio file.

  • Increasing the lifetime of DID numbers
    If incoming calls are blocked for your DID number, telecom carriers may block outcoming calls from that number or give it a spam or abuse tag. Please make sure all numbers are accessible for incoming calls, even if calls are forwarded to the VoiceMail.

The default inbound configuration in a PBX is the following:

  1. An incoming call is routed to the CommPeak DID number.

  2. When the call is connected to the number, it can be forwarded to IVR, queue, or agent and must have a failover to the VoiceMail.

To complete the PBX setup and get recorded voice messages to the VoiceMail, please provide your email to your CommPeak manager.

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