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Call Transfers and Conferences
Updated over a week ago

Agents in the CommPeak Dialer have several call transfer options on the Predictive Dialing page. Agents can do the following:

  • transfer the call

  • add a conference call with a specific agent extension or agent queue, which the CommPeak support team will create according to your preferences

  • forward the call to a manually dialed phone number.


You can transfer calls and create conference calls from the CommPeak Dialer to CommPeak PBX. Sharing calls or creating conferences between the Dialer agents is not possible.

If you want to enable call transfer or conferencing, you need to open a request for CommPeak support team. In your request, specify the following details:

  • specific agent extension

  • in case of creating a queue: the name of the queue and relevant agent extension that you wish to include in it

  • specific phone number.

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