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Logging in to CommPeak Portal
Updated over a week ago

When the main user or any additional users you create enter their accounts in the CommPeak Portal, they must pass the two-factor authentication. It means that they must verify their identities in addition to providing login information.

This strengthens your account security and prevents others, including users who work on the same PC, from entering your account.

To log in to CommPeak Portal:

  1. Enter your credentials and prove that your user is not a robot. Click LOGIN to get a six-digit code to your registered email address.



    If you don't receive any code for five minutes, please submit a support request.

  2. Fill in the code. If you trust the current device, select the Trust this device checkbox. You won't be asked about the verification code for 30 days when you log in on the same device. Then click CONTINUE.


Now you are logged in and can start working.

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