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Registering in CommPeak Softphone
Updated over a week ago

In this article, you will learn how to use your SIP account to make calls via CommPeak Softphone.

You can also watch the video below demonstrating how to register your SIP account in CommPeak Softphone or a third-party application:

To register in CommPeak Softphone:

  1. Download and install the softphone. Learn more in Getting Started.


    Currently, CommPeak softphone is available for Windows and Linux operating systems. Find more information in the System Requirements article.

  2. Find the SIP credentials and server name in your CommPeak Portal account. Open the account and go to VoIP Services -> SIP Accounts.

    • User - click SHOW under Username/IP in a SIP account line

    • Password - click Reset Password if you forgot it

    • Domain -

  3. Launch the softphone and enter the data mentioned above:


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