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Agents Are Waiting Too Long for a Call
Agents Are Waiting Too Long for a Call
Updated over a week ago

To troubleshoot the issue with agents waiting too long for a call, please perform the steps below.


It takes about 10 minutes for the number of available leads to get updated on the Realtime page. After this time has passed, you can see that the number drops.

Step 1: Check user groups

Check if user groups are built correctly.

You can use the group leads simulator to test how many leads are available for your groups to call. If the number of available leads is too small, your group filters could be an issue.

For more information, please refer to the User Groups section.

Step 2: Check the call records list

On the Call Records List page, you can see the most recent calls made by the Dialer. If you can see many system statuses in the Status column (e.g., No Answer, Busy, etc.), it means that the system is calling leads, but they are not answering.

For more information, please refer to the Call Records List Report article.

Step 3: Check call analytics

Generate a Call Analytics report for the time period you wish to check the total and successful calls, call durations, ACD values, and other data.

As an example, you can select the past 30 minutes in the Period and add hours and minutes in extra time options; select user, campaign, and status after in Group; select user, campaign, status after, total calls, successful calls, ACD and other parameters in Columns.

The generated report shows a high level of No Answer and Failed to Connect statuses.


1. A high level of No Answer statuses can be due to the Spam DID numbers or a wave of no answers from the leads.

2. A high level of Voicemail status can increase the idle time of the agents. This happens because the Dialer doesn't connect a detected voicemail to agents.

3. High levels of Failed to Connect statuses can happen due to a wave of error leads or could be related to a routing issue.

For more information, please refer to the Call Analytics Report article.

Step 4: Contact support

If the issue persists, please submit a support ticket. Provide support with at least five call data samples (including phone number and timestamp) of the failed-to-connect calls for checking.

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