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Dialer Calling Options
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Agents use the CommPeak Dialer to communicate with leads and convert them into clients. To view all Dialer calling options, go to your Dialer workspace. Select any option from the dropdown menu to use it:

  • Scheduled calls with your contacts

  • Predictive calling

  • Preview Dialer

  • Manual calls

Scheduled Calls

You can view your appointments with leads scheduled for specific times in Workspace > Contacts. Here, you can view the leads assigned to you. They are stored in the scheduled calls list, and you can view and edit these leads and manually call them.

There are three types of filters:

Campaign Filters that include campaigns, users, statuses, and user tags.

Lead Filters that have leads’ names, phone numbers, original identifiers, countries, and IDs.

Also, we have added the email filter.

Time Filters that let you choose the date and time of the call-back.

After you apply one of the filters, you’ll see all the leads assigned to you.

Each lead has a Choose Action menu on the right, where you can access the following options:




Click this option to make a manual call

Edit Campaign Lead

Modify the status, assigned agent and call date of the lead

Add to Phone Book

Add the lead to the phone book for future handling

Lead Comments

View here all the comments on the lead and add new ones


Click to go to the lead history page


Click to unassign the lead from the agent

Check out this article to learn about Scheduled Calls.

Predictive Calling

Predictive Calling fulfills the main Dialer's purpose — it dials leads automatically based on previously set rules. If the lead answers the automatic call, the call is transferred to an available agent and connects the lead to that agent. Learn more about this calling option in the Predictive Dialing and Guide to Campaign Parameters articles.

Preview Dialer

Preview Dialer is a scheduled manual Dialer call that also lets you change the status and add a comment on a specific lead.

Manual Calls

If you use any softphone in the Dialer, you can manually dial the leads' phone numbers and talk to them immediately. This option is useful for urgent calls.

When dialing the lead's number, the system will apply a necessary Caller ID according to the predefined calling rules.

Manual calling is similar to a regular softphone call, so it does not allow you to change the lead status or leave a comment after the call.

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