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Low Answer Seizure Ratio: Reasons and Solutions
Low Answer Seizure Ratio: Reasons and Solutions
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When you start using the CommPeak Dialer, you may notice that the answer-seizure ratio (ASR) decreases compared to manual calling. The ASR is the percentage of answered calls to the total amount of calls.

Why Lower ASR?

A decrease in the answer-seizure ratio can have several reasons.

Reason 1: Significant Call Volume

The CommPeak Dialer makes three times more calls per agent than manual call centers. An agent can manually dial each lead once or twice daily, while the Dialer will make four or more attempts.

The ASR in the CommPeak Dialer may be lower because of a more significant amount of calls. However, the advantage of the automated system is that it will catch those leads the agents calling manually will never reach.

Reason 2: Bigger Lead Database

The CommPeak Dialer calls three times as big a customer database as a manual call center. Since the call volume increases, this also leads to lower ASR.

Reason 3: Automated Voicemail Detection

When the CommPeak Dialer reaches voicemail, it never connects such calls with agents. Those unaware can wonder why voicemail cases sometimes exceed their actual number of conversations.

As voicemail calls count when calculating the ASR, this will also cause a lower ASR.

For this reason, we recommend the Success ASR parameter, which is more accurate for the automated system.

You can find the Success ASR in the Calls Summary section of the Shift Performance report. It considers the successful (bridged to agents) calls only and excludes voicemail cases.


How to Improve ASR?

You can take other actions besides using the Success ASR instead of Answered ASR.

1. Enable the CommPeak HLR Service

You can integrate the CommPeak HLR Service with your Dialer system. Please submit a support request.

Before dialing a lead's phone number, the HLR Service will check if it is a valid mobile number. If not, the lead will become unavailable for calls. The system will ignore invalid numbers, which will improve the ASR.

2. Check Campaign Rules

We recommend adjusting calling rules to ensure a maximum of four calls per day per lead. More frequent calling will affect the ASR.

The rules in your calling campaigns define how to call the leads once they enter the campaign.


Please contact CommPeak support with a request to adjust the campaign rules.

3. Optimize Calling Time

You can modify calling hours and exclude periods when your customers are inactive. Exceptional customer circumstances, such as commuting or siesta hours, can cause a weaker lead response. Customized reports will help you detect hours with the lowest amount of answered calls.

Please contact CommPeak support with a request to run customized reports.

4. Check Caller IDs

Please make sure that your calls are not blocked. Carriers can mark some phone numbers that your CommPeak Dialer uses for outbound calls as spam.

Please contact CommPeak support with a request to check your Caller IDs and replace those marked as spam.

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