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Predictive Dialing
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Predictive Dialing is when phone numbers are dialed automatically, using the predefined calling and lead prioritization logic. The workflow in the Predictive Dialing mode consists of four main actions:

  1. Clocking In

  2. Making Calls

  3. Submitting Feedback

  4. Clocking Out

1. Clocking In

To start working in the Predictive Dialing mode, do the following:

  1. On the home page, go to Workspace in the main menu and click Predictive Dial.
    The message on the page that opens informs you that the Predictive mode is off.

  2. Click your login in the top right corner of the page and select Clock In.

  3. Receive an incoming call to your softphone or IP phone from Dialer, and you will be connected to automatic calling.


To stay clocked in, you must always be connected to the call in your softphone or IP phone. To end your conversation with the lead, use the End Call button in Dialer. Otherwise, you will be clocked out.

2. Making Calls

Once the lead has taken the call, basic information on the lead appears on your screen.

During the call, you can:

  • Edit basic lead information

  • View the call history on the History tab

  • View and edit customer details on the Details tab

  • See previous comments and add new comments on the Comment tab

Using the buttons on the right of the page, you can complete the call and perform other actions:

Additionally, you will see the Send SMS button if you have specific permissions:




End Call

Ends the conversation and opens the feedback page


Allows to put the call on hold and return to it after a pause

Voice Mail

If voicemail is identified at the connected phone number, click this button to end the call with the relevant status without opening the feedback page.


The button disappears after a certain time during the call. The exact time depends on your customization.

Forward call/3-Way

Allows to forward the call to a different number or start a conference call

Start HashTag

Allows to tag a manager in the call. To tag a manager, click Start HashTag and select a manager from the dropdown list. When the manager has left the call, click End HashTag to untag them.

Send SMS

Send an SMS message directly from the call page. Select a template from the dropdown box. Then click edit to modify the message text and press Send.



Delivery of the SMS message can take some time.

Making Calls – Dialer Integrated with a CRM

If you are using Dialer integrated with a CRM, you will see shorter lead information, and below – data from your CRM.


During the call, you can use the following options:

  • Refresh the CRM screen

  • View lead history

  • See more details about the lead

  • Open CRM page with lead information in a new pop-up window or a new tab.


By default, CRM information is shown in the lower part of the page. Click Open Tab instead of iframe and then select the pop-up window size. If you wish to open it in a new tab, click New Tab.

A new pop-up window or tab will open for each call, even if you closed it for the previous call. Click Open Iframe instead of Tab to return to iframe.

You can have CRM integration configured without opening the Iframe with full lead details if you want your agents to view only basic details during the call. The agents will see lead details like in a regular Dialer.



Please reach out to your CommPeak Dialer manager to have the setting of CRM integration without Iframe configured for you.

3. Submitting Feedback

After your call ends, the feedback page opens.

Here you select the status of the conversation and optionally add your comment. The time left for the feedback is limited and depends on your customization.

If the connection was lost unexpectedly, you can redial the lead by clicking the corresponding button.

For statuses requiring another call to the lead (for example, General Meeting, Personal Meeting, or Callback), specify one of the following:

  • The date and time for the future call, and its time zone: the lead’s or the agent’s (i.e., yours)

  • The interval in hours or minutes in which the call will take place

The system will redial this lead at the selected time.

After adding your feedback, click Submit Feedback. The system will try to connect you to the next answered call.

4. Clocking Out

To stop the system from assigning calls to you, if you need a break or your shift is over, you must clock out.

Click Clock Out at the top of the page and select the needed reason.


If you click Clock Out while you are in a call or providing feedback, you will be clocked out no sooner than you end the call and submit the feedback.
It is not recommended to clock out when waiting for a new call, as you can accidentally drop a call that has just started.

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