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Getting Started - Agent's Guide
Getting Started - Agent's Guide
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Welcome to the guide on getting started with the Dialer for agents!

Here, we will walk you through the basics of using the Dialer, from logging in to the system and resetting your password to understanding the workspace.

Launching Dialer

To access your account, log in to the system directly from your browser. Your manager will send you the login link, your username, and a temporary password.

The system will ask you to create a permanent password upon your first login:

If two-factor authentication is enabled for your account, first log in and then perform the second verification step:

  • verification by email

    You will receive a temporary password by email:


    Enter the password and click Login.

  • verification by Google Authenticator

    1. Download and install the Authenticator app on your mobile device.

    2. Set up the Authenticator and get ten backup codes to use in case you lose or leave your mobile device.

      Enter a code from the app or one of the backup codes, then click Validate.

If you can't remember your password, click Forgot Password? on the login screen. Then submit your username or email to reset the password.

Agent Workspace

After logging in, you will automatically be directed to the agent's workspace.

Main Page

Your workspace is simple and easy to use. The main page consists of the following parts:

  1. The Dialer icon and the menu.
    The Workspace menu contains all the options you need for your work.

    By clicking the Dialer icon on any page, you will return to the main page.

  2. The navigation search bar.
    You can learn how to use search from this article.

  3. Your state controls.

    • Hover over the wifi sign to check the quality of your Internet connection.

    • Hover over the avatar icon to check your extension, clock in to receive calls in predictive mode, change your state, or log out of your account.

  4. Your dashboard. Learn how you can use and customize it from this article.

Recent Calls Page

This page is made to check your last 30 calls. To go there, select Workspace > Recent Calls.

By default, all 30 calls are displayed here. However, you can apply multiple filters to see specific calls.

Contacts Page

The Contacts page displays a list of your appointments with leads and allows you to view the history of meetings, add comments, or change appointment times.
To reach this page, click Workspace > Scheduled Calls.

Please take a look at this article for more information.

Leads Search Page

On the Lead Search page, agents can apply filters to get detailed search results on leads. Simple and advanced search options are available.

To reach this page, click Workspace > Contacts and switch to the Leads Search tab.

You need to specify at least two parameters to run the search.

Here, agents can also view the lists of their own calls and listen to their recordings.

To display calls and listen to them:

  1. Go to Actions and select Calls.

  2. Your recorded calls will appear on the new page. Click Play Record to listen to a recording.

Predictive Dialer Page

To start receiving calls, go to Workspace > Predictive Dialer. Then, expand the menu at the top right and select Clock In. After clocking in and responding to a call from your phone client, you enter the call page. Once the system connects you with the lead, more controls and actions are available.

After the call ends, you are redirected to the feedback page.

From this guide, you can learn in detail how to work in the predictive mode.

Knowledge Base Resources

You can use the following resources in addition to this guide:

Getting Help

Submit a support ticket or turn to your manager for more information.

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