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Managing Existing Users
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On the User Management page, under the Users menu, you can perform the following actions for selected user accounts in the Dialer:

  • reset passwords

  • update user settings

  • view activity

  • delete users

Selecting Users

Use the checkboxes on the left or select users by applying various search filters at the top of the Users page. Just use one or more filters and click Search.
For example, you can filter by desks and roles.

Search results will include a list of users with their details.

Managing Single Users

You can modify the user settings, reset the password or Google Authenticator, view user activity, or delete a user in the Dialer.

The system will kick off users after you reset passwords, deactivate users, or delete them.

To apply actions to a user account in the Dialer:

  1. Locate the needed user account on the User Management page and go to the Actions column on the right.

  2. Click Select action.

  3. You can select an action from the list and perform further steps. The actions are described in the table below.




Modify user settings. Then click Save.

Active Sessions

View active sessions for the user or all users and log them from the system.

Reset Password

Create a new password for the user. See details in the section below.

Reset Google Authenticator

This option is available only for users with enabled two-factor verification by the Google Authenticator.

Reset the Google Authenticator app and its backup codes. The user will need to configure the app and generate codes again.


View and search extended user activity records.

Activity (Live)

View the summary of the recent activity records.

Delete User

Click OK to delete the user and unassign their leads.

Resetting Passwords

To update a user's password:

  1. Click Select action a the end of the user's line.

  2. Choose Reset Password.

  3. Copy the password immediately while it's on the screen.
    If you select Require reset password on next login, the users will be prompted to create a permanent password next time they log in to the Dialer.

  4. Click Reset.

Managing Multiple Users

You can apply the following actions to many users at once:

  • activate/deactivate

  • delete

  • assign skills, tags, or roles

To apply actions to multiple users:

  1. Select users for whom you wish to use mass actions or set filters in the upper section.

  2. Choose an action from the dropdown list at the top of the page.
    If you'd like to assign skills, desks, or roles, select those from another box that appears.
    Delete action will delete selected users from the system and unassign all their leads.

  3. In the next box, choose to whom you wish to apply the action: selected users, those matching the filters, or all users.

  4. Click Process.

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