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This guide will walk you through automating your workflows in using CommPeak integration. Pre-set templates are ready for use.

For more information about integrations, refer to the Knowledge base.

Creating an Automation

You can set up SMS notifications about various updates in your board. Complete the following steps.

  1. Install the application. You can proceed from your board or start directly from the Integrations page in TextPeak.

    • Option 1: Installation from your board

      1. In your board, click Integrate in the top-right.

      2. Select CommPeak SMS app.

      3. Select a template to get SMS notifications about your board updates. For example, you can receive an SMS when the date arrives.

    • Option 2: Integrations in CommPeak SMS Platform

      1. Click Integrations in the main menu on the left.

      2. Click Set New Connection in the top right of the Integrations page.

      3. Select in the pop-up window.

      4. Sign in to your account.

      5. Click Install app.

      6. Select workplaces to install the application and click Install.

      7. Choose a board to add the app.

      8. Select a template to get SMS notifications about your board updates, e.g. stay notified when status changes.

  2. Enter your CommPeak Portal account credentials, complete the captcha authentication, and click LOGIN.

  3. Authorize the application to use your CommPeak account.

  4. Fill in the details in your template by completing the underlined fields. In our example, we need to define the following:

    1. Select a column for the status.

    2. Select a sender from the approved Sender IDs available in your TextPeak account.

    3. Enter the recipient's phone number.

    4. Type your message. You can auto-populate fields for board items.

  5. Click Add To Board.

  6. A new item will appear on the Board automations tab.

Integration Activity

You can add as many automations as you need for other activities or phone numbers. All of them are displayed on the Board automations tab.

Here, you can switch off unnecessary items. Click the three-dot menu to edit, duplicate, or delete an automation.

Click Run history to see the status of your SMS messages.

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