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Managing Your Customers
Managing Your Customers
Updated over a week ago

On the Customers tab, you can refer new customers and manage existing ones, as well as check their reports.

Go to the My Customers section to see information on each customer in your account:

  • their commission rate

  • total number of calls and SMS

  • total call duration

  • money spent by the customer

  • commission amount earned from the customer

Also, here you can edit the customer's UID, first name, last name, and alias.


To add a new customer, click INVITE above the table and enter the customer’s details. They will receive an email with your invitation.


Go to Customers’ Usage to view reports on your customers. You can apply search filters to get information on any specific customer.

Click the download button to save the report to your device.


Go to Reseller Tokens to create and manage tokens used as invitations for your clients.

To obtain an invitation link, click GET INVITE LINK next to the existing token. The link will be copied to the clipboard, and you can further send it to your clients.

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