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Call History
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To view the list of your recent calls, click History at the bottom of the screen.

Call history in the full mode:

The All tab displays all the calls made (incoming, outgoing, and missed). The Missed tab displays missed calls only.

Phone calls have color tags that correspond to the SIP account you used when making the call. Hover over the tag to see the SIP account name.

If a SIP account through which you had made a call was then deleted, a color tag will be absent. To call the number from the call history again, click the dial button and select an available SIP account.


Call history in the mini mode:

  1. Click the ellipsis button.

  2. In the dropdown menu that opens, click Call History.
    When you click the expand icon, you will be redirected to the History tab in the full mode.

Call info (available in the full mode only):

To access the call info, hover over the needed call record and click the three dots. Here, you can see the type of the call, its day, time, duration, and status.

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