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Calls by Destination
Updated over a week ago

In this report, you can view the statistics of your outbound calls split by destination.

Additionally, you can select the Group by SIP Account check box to see the output grouped by SIP account.

The report also shows totals for all the destinations.

To generate the report:

  1. Expand VoIP Services in the left pane and click Calls by Destination.

  2. Apply filters as required and click SEARCH. You will see the report output on the screen.

  3. To download the report as a CSV file, click the download button on the right.

The report contains the following columns:




The country and network name

Total Calls

The number of calls to this destination

Billable Calls

The number of calls to this destination you pay for

Total Duration

The duration of all the calls to this destination

Total Cost

The total cost of the calls

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