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Integrating WebRTC Applications with CommPeak
Integrating WebRTC Applications with CommPeak
Updated over a week ago

You can register your WebRTC solution with CommPeak using your SIP account credentials.

Before integrating your WebRTC solution with CommPeak, please ensure you are signed up to the CommPeak Portal. You will need the credentials of your SIP account: either the default one created automatically at your signup, or the one you have added yourself.

Then you can use the following data to establish the WSS connection:

  • username - find the username in your SIP account that you plan to use for the integration. Click SHOW below Username/IP.

  • password - click Reset Password if you forgot it:


    Refer to Configuring SIP Accounts for more information.

  • Web socket URL - wss://
    The system will automatically forward to one of the CommPeak SIP proxies closest to your network.

To test the connection, we recommend the JsSIP library tester, as shown in the following example:



If you have Cloud PBX from CommPeak, you can connect to the Asterisk over WSS, for example:


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