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Prioritizing Voice Traffic from CommPeak on Windows Environments
Prioritizing Voice Traffic from CommPeak on Windows Environments
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As voice packets are supposed to be delivered in real time, data loss or latency can result in choppy voice. One of the ways to improve the quality of voice connection is to prioritize VoIP data over other types of network traffic.

You can do it by setting QoS (Quality of Service) in your environment. It will push the voice data forward in the traffic queue so it passes through the router first, and no delay in voice transmission is experienced.


The steps below are based on Windows 10 and may differ depending on the Windows OS version you are using.

Setting CommPeak Softphone Traffic Prioritization

Perform the following steps to prioritize the traffic related to CommPeak Softphone:

  1. Start typing Edit Group Policy in the Windows search box and go to the suggested window, Local Group Policy Editor.

  2. Under the Computer Configuration menu, select Windows Settings and right-click Policy-based QoS in the right part of the window, then select Create new policy....

  3. In the Policy-based QoS window that opens, enter the name for the new policy. Keep Specify DSCP Value selected and set the value to46. Leave Specify Outbound Throttle Rate unselected and click Next.

  4. On the next page, select Only applications with this executable name. Enter CommPeak Softphone.exe and click Next. This sets the policy to prioritize the traffic from CommPeak Softphone only.

  5. Next, keep both Any source IP address and Any destination IP address selected and click Next.

  6. Then select TCP and UDP in Select the protocol this QoS policy applies to.
    In Specify the source port number, make sure that both From any source port and To any destination port are selected, and then click Finish.

Verifying DSCP Marking

To verify the DSCP marking, you need to confirm the Group Policy object by running the following command prompt:

 ## as administratorC:\Windows\system32> gpresult /H "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\gp.html"C:\Windows\system32> regedit /e "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\gp.txt" HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\QoS

The .txt file will show this information:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\QoS\Softphone traffic]"Version"="1.0""Application Name"="CommPeak Softphone.exe""Protocol"="*""Local Port"="*""Local IP"="*""Local IP Prefix Length"="*""Remote Port"="*""Remote IP"="*""Remote IP Prefix Length"="*""DSCP Value"="46""Throttle Rate"="-1"

And you will see the following in the HTML file:

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