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Devices are SIP accounts agents use to sign in to and work in the system.

There are two types of devices: fixed and ad hoc.

A fixed device only has one login and password and is attached to one extension.

An ad hoc device can have several logins and passwords to be used by multiple agents with multiple extensions, for instance - at different shifts.

Viewing Devices

To view the list of devices, go to Configuration and click Devices.

The table will display the device name, password, type, related caller ID, agent name, and the device's status.

Resetting Passwords

To find out the password:

  1. Click Reset Password in the Password column and proceed.

  2. Copy the password in the following window.

Adding Devices

You can add fixed and ad hoc devices in PBX Stats.


For every new device, two extensions are created: a regular SIP extension and a WebRTC extension.

Single Device

To add one device:

  1. Click Create New Device in the top-right corner.

  2. Fill in the form:

    • Device - device name

    • Alias - Caller ID

    • Device - select one of the following options from the dropdown list:

      • standard - a device that agents use to register and work in a third-party softphone (Zoiper, MicroSIP, etc.).

      • webrtc (Web Real-Time Communication) - any third-party softphone running in a web browser can make encrypted audio calls in real-time using WebRTC.
        โ€‹IMPORTANT: This is only for third-party softphones, not the CommPeak Softphone.

    • Type - select ad-hoc or fixed. If you prefer a fixed device, choose a default agent from the dropdown box to assign to the device.

  3. When you click Save, the system will automatically generate a password and take some time to complete the task. The pending device will be shown above the main table. After a while, it will disappear and will be added to the table.

Bulk Adding

Users with the create_device_bulk permission enabled can add devices in bulk. Refer to this article for more information on roles and permissions.


You can add up to 100 devices per bulk operation.

To add multiple devices:

  1. Select the Add Bulk option in the New Device window.

  2. Enter a range of device names that should include any number from 100 to 999999.
    In the description box, enter a prefix for the Caller ID. For example, if you enter Spanishdesk, the system will create devices with the following Caller IDs: Spanishdesk-200, Englishdesk-201, etc.

  3. There is an option to add with an agent for the fixed device type. If you select the Add with agent checkbox, the system automatically creates a default agent for each device.

  4. Click Save. The system will automatically generate passwords and take some time to complete the task. The pending devices will be shown above the main table. After a while, they will disappear and be added to the table.

Editing and Deleting

You can edit the device name, Caller ID, type, and assign different agents to fixed devices.

To modify a device:

  1. Click Edit in the Actions column.

  2. Enter new details:

  3. Click Update.

To delete a device, click Delete in the Actions column.

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