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Account Settings
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In CommPeak Portal, you can modify the following account settings:

  • update the password for your account

  • change your personal and company data

  • configure notification settings.

To open the Account Settings, click on your name at the bottom left pane. Then click Account Settings.


Profile Settings

After signup, you can enter the missing information in the Profile tab.


Modify your first or last name and select your timezone for support purposes. Scroll down to the bottom of the form and click Save Changes.


Communication Preferences

Use the sliders to unsubscribe from specific mailing lists. We recommend that you keep all subscriptions active to stay informed about important updates. Then click Save Changes at the bottom.


Change Password or Email

  • Email: to change your account email, you must enter your current password and a new email address. Then click Save Changes at the bottom.

  • Password: enter a new password, repeat it and then provide your current password in the lower part of the screen. After you click Save Changes at the bottom, the system will log you out. Log in again to continue working in CommPeak Portal.


Personal and Company Data

Click on the Account tab and enter the missing information. Scroll down and complete each section.

  • IDENTITY: enter your company name and modify the first and last name if necessary.


CommPeak won't be able to issue invoices to you without your company details.

  • PHONE NUMBERS: update the phone number specified at signup and add more phone numbers at which CommPeak support can reach you.

  • ADDRESS: fill in your company's address.

  • BILLING ADDRESS: leave the checkbox selected if your billing address is the same as the address specified above. Otherwise, remove the checkmark and enter the details of your billing address.

After making all the necessary changes, click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the page.

Notification Rules

Click on the Notifications tab. Please refer to a separate article about notification settings.

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