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SIP Account Authentication
Updated over a week ago

This article will teach you how to set password-based or IP-based authentication for your SIP account.

By default, password-based authentication is enabled. You may want to switch to the IP-based one when setting up a CommPeak server trunk.

To switch between authentication types:

  1. Expand VoIP Services in the left pane.

  2. Click the SIP Accounts tab.

  3. Click Edit for the SIP account you wish to modify.

  4. On the Edit SIP Account page, scroll down to the Authentication section. Perform further actions depending on your choice.

  • IP-Based Authentication

  1. Toggle the switch to the right to enable it.

  2. Enter one or more IP addresses allowed to access this SIP account.
    To enter an IP address, type in the field and click the plus icon.


  3. Click SAVE CHANGES.

You can only apply IP authentication for your SIP account to static IP addresses. More IP access options are available to the Cloud PBX and CommPeak Dialer users.

  • Password-Based Authentication

  1. Toggle the switch to the left for password authentication.

  2. Enter your username, a minimum of eight characters long. Optionally, you can add extra authentication with an IP ACL (access control list) - specify one or more IPs from which you can access the SIP account with these credentials.

  3. Click SAVE CHANGES.

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