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Daily Calls
Updated over a week ago

This report presents daily statistics for outbound calls.

It displays the number of calls (total and billable), their total and average duration on each day, and the total cost of the calls.

It also contains the data summary for all the days within the selected timeframe.

To generate the report:

  1. Expand VoIP Services in the left pane and click Daily Calls.

  2. Apply filters as required and click SEARCH. You will see the report output on the screen.


The following table explains the report output.



Probe Date

The date of the calls

Total Calls

The number of calls during the day

Billable Calls

The number of calls during the day you pay for

Total Duration

The duration of all the calls occurred during the day


The answer-seizure rate (the percentage of answered calls)


The average call duration

Total Cost (USD)

The total cost of the calls

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