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Auto Spam Checks
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The automatic spam checker lets you inspect any DID number used as an outgoing caller ID for spam, whether the number was purchased from CommPeak or an external provider. The check can be set as a scheduled event.

Auto Spam Check Page

This page gives you details about all the spam checks currently going on.
Here you can:

  • Monitor the status of the checks

  • Apply filters to search for needed phone numbers

  • View and edit details of the checks

  • Delete a number

  • Start adding a new number

  • Go to the spam check logs


Spam Check Statuses

In the Status column, you can see the statuses of each spam check.




The number is waiting for an auto check.

In progress

The check is being performed.


The number has been identified as spam.

Not spam

The number has been identified as not spam.


Checks on this number have been stopped.

Adding a New Number

To add a new number to be checked for spam:

  1. On the Auto Spam Check page, click ADD NEW NUMBER. It will take you to the New Spam Check page.

  2. Select the following options:

    • check a single number

    • click add all your unmonitored DIDs automatically to append CommPeak DIDs not monitored for spam yet

    • import multiple numbers from a CSV file.

  3. Enter the number to check or upload a one-column CSV file with a list of numbers.

  4. Click NEXT to move to the RECURRING SPAM CHECKS tab.

  5. Choose if you want to perform spam checks daily or weekly, and click SUBMIT.


    You can disable regular checks later using the Recurring slider on the main page.

  6. Review the details of the check and click CONFIRM & SUBMIT.


Assigning Tags

You can assign a tag to a number checked. Tags help you filter the results of your checks.

For CommPeak numbers, tags are inherited from your DID configuration page and are displayed once you create a check.


You can optionally assign tags to numbers while adding them on the New Spam Check page or later. Select existing tags from the dropdown list or add a new one.


Alternatively, after starting a spam check, expand the menu in the Actions column and select Edit Tags. Then choose one or several existing DID tags.


Spam Check Logs

To view the spam check logs, click LOGS on the right.


Here you can see the history of your spam checks and main statistics and filter the records by time period, phone number, date, status, tags, and type.

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