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Adding Credit to Your Account
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When you are out of the credit limit provided at signup, you must top up your account to continue using CommPeak's services.


To find out the prices for outgoing calls and SMS messages, please refer to the Call and SMS Pricing article.

Topping Up Your Voice or SMS Balance

You have separate accounts for voice and SMS services and can top up any of them independently.

The methods you can use to pay for CommPeak's services are:

  • Credit card

  • PayPal

  • Wire transfer

Before topping up your account, make sure that you have done the following:

You can skip the currency selection step if you only use VoIP services.

To add credit to your voice or SMS balance:

  1. In your account in CommPeak Portal, click on the plus sign at the top right of any page, next to your voice and SMS balance figures, or click ADD CREDIT on the dashboard.


2. In the sidebar that pops up, select which account - voice or SMS - you would like to top up.


3. To view CommPeak payment information and additional details on various payment methods, you can click PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS and download a system-generated PDF document for your customer account.

4. Select a payment method and proceed to the payment page, following the instructions on the screen.

For PayPal payments, please refer to a dedicated article.

Automatic Refill - Credit Card Payment Method

If you use the automatic credit refill for the credit card, set the following:

  • the deposit sum

  • the threshold at which you wish to top up your account

  • the maximum number of payments per day.

You can change or cancel the recurring payment later in your profile.

Please see more on accepted payment methods‍ and currencies‍.

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