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Scheduled Calls by Agents
Scheduled Calls by Agents
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On the Scheduled Calls page, you can see leads assigned to agents.


Team managers will have access to the scheduled calls of their agents with joint user desks. Agents can see their own scheduled calls only.

The leads that agents have saved as personal scheduled meetings are stored in the scheduled calls list. Agents can view and edit these leads and make manual calls to them.

To view the agent's callback list, click Workspace > Contacts.

Agents will see all the leads assigned to them.

There are three filter options to limit the pool of displayed results:

  • Campaign filters - select the campaign, user and/or lead status. You can also select user desks.

  • Lead filters - filter by lead attributes, such as name, phone number, original identifier, country, ID, or email.

  • Time filters - specify the date and time defined for the next callback.

In the Call After column, you can edit the date and time of the future call. Click the field and in the pop-up window, select the required values, and then click Done. Then select the time zone - the lead’s or the agent’s - and click Save.

The Actions column suggests actions to perform.


The actions available in the list may vary depending on the Dialer customization.

  • Call - make a manual call to the lead. You can edit lead details right from the call.

  • Comments - do the following actions in the window displayed:

    1. View a comment content in a pop-up window by clicking the comment icon


      in the Actions column.

    2. Add comments using the Create new comment button above the table.

    3. Export selected comments as CSV or Excel files using the Export To control in the top-right above the table.

    4. Delete chosen or all comments in your search results using the mass action control at the bottom.

  • History - view the lead history, all or filtered by action type.

  • Unassign - click to remove the lead assignment from the agent and allow the system to return the lead to the general calling pool.

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