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The purpose of the user desks is to allow managers to see information and statistics only about their relevant desks and agents.

You can create as many desks as you need for all departments and other purposes, e.g., English Desk, Night Shift, Weekend, or any other, and add users to desks when creating or editing.

To create a desk:

  1. Go to the Users > User Management.

  2. Switch to the Desks tab.

  3. The table on the new page will display a table with all existing desks. There are the following columns:
    ​ID - unique desk ID in the system.
    ​Name - desk name.
    ​Users - all users who belong to a specific desk.
    ​Actions - click Edit or Delete to modify or remove the desk.

  4. Click Create New User Desk in the top right corner of the table.

  5. Enter a desk name on the new page.

  6. Add existing users to the newly created desk. To add a user, click the user name in the Available box.
    Also, you can click the user name in the Selected box to remove the user from the desk. You can use the double arrow buttons to select all users in the Available or Selected boxes.

  7. Click Create.


  1. You can add users to the desk later.

  2. If you add agents to the desk, please make sure that you also select relevant team leaders and campaign managers who need to access their agents' data.

To edit user desks:

  1. Go to the Desks tab.

  2. Find the desk and click on the Edit icon in the Actions column.

  3. Modify the desk name and/or select or unselect users.

  4. Click Save.

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