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My Tickets
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The My Tickets page under Help and Support gives you a wide range of options for managing existing tickets and creating new ones.

Here, you can search for the needed tickets using filters, view tickets in each status in their dedicated tab, sort them, and see the ticket's details in the chat window.

The sections below will explain more about ticket management.

Ticket Filters

Apply filters by keyword, product, and department, and click Search to find the needed ticket.

  • Keyword filter: in the textbox, enter the keyword(s) the ticket should contain.

  • Product filter: in the drop-down list, select the product that the ticket is associated with.

  • Department filter: in the drop-down list, the account owner can select the department to narrow down search results. The users assigned to a department, by default will see tickets assigned to their department only.

Ticket Grouping by Status

You can switch between the tabs to view tickets in a certain status only, or in all statuses.

  • Opened: tickets currently in progress, being resolved

  • New: tickets that were created but haven't got any response from the support team yet

  • Resolved: tickets that have already been resolved and closed

  • All: all the tickets irrespective of their status

Sorting and Page View

There are also the following options available for your convenience:

  • Sorting your tickets by newest or oldest

  • Changing the number of tickets you can see on a page

Ticket Card

On the ticket card, you can see:

  1. Ticket subject

  2. Ticket number

  3. The date and time when the ticket was last updated

  4. Ticket category

  5. The name of the user who created the ticket

  6. Ticket status

  7. View detail button. As soon as you click this button, you will open the ticket details in the chat window.

Creating a New Ticket

On the My Tickets page, you can start creating a new ticket by clicking at the top right of the page. This will open the support chat window in the bottom right corner.

Otherwise, you can just click on the chat button at the bottom right of any page, and start a conversation with a support agent.

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